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When Problems Arise

U.S. 12" - Columbia 44 05984, released 1986

Japan 12" - CBS/Sony 12AP 3295, released 1986

Australia 12" - CBS 650820 6, released 1986 (unconfirmed)

I thought there were far better songs on the In Your Face album that could have become singles.  I don't get paid to make these decisions, though.  This promo single contained several mixes of the title track.  I have heard that there is an Australian version on CBS, but, much like with the theoretical Australian In Your Face LP, I have never seen a copy.

Version Approximate Value ($) Price Trending
Columbia 44 05984 12" 2-4 Down
CBS/Sony 12AP 3295 12" (Japan) 15-18 Stable
Columbia 44 05984
CBS/Sony 12AP 3295
Sleeve U.S. 12" - Full P/S
Japan 12" - Full P/S

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