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All the Nation's Airports

Alias A100, released 1996

Merge MRG435, released 2012

Fire FIRELP236, released 2012 (Europe)

The band's sound changed a little for this album.  It was more of a commercial success, but has less kick than the previous ones.  There is an interesting picture disc version of this record - it is a very heavy piece of vinyl with a picture of an airplane wheel on it.  Also on black vinyl.

Merge Records reissued All the Nation's Airports in 2012 on clear vinyl, with a download containing all sorts of bonus tracks (singles, demos, etc.).

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Alias A100 - Picture Disc 20-30 Stable
Alias A100 - Black 12-15 Stable
Merge MRG435 - Clear 12 Stable
Fire FIRELP236 - Clear 20-25 Stable

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