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Archers of Loaf


Icky Mettle

Alias A049, released 1994

Merge MRG415, released 2011

Fire FIRELP238, released 2011 (Europe)

The first Archers of Loaf full length is a work of indie rock genius.  Really great many solid songs on this disc.  It is also the only Archers of Loaf LP that is a real collectible at this juncture.  It shows up for sale fairly regularly, but can cost a bit.  The original was on black vinyl.  In 2011, Merge Records remastered and re-released Icky Mettle.  These copies are on blue vinyl.  The value of the original had been skyrocketing in 2010-11 (following the band's reunion shows), but the re-release seems to have curbed demand...the price is back down to where it was before.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Alias A049 Black 25-35 Stable
Merge MRG415 Blue 18-20 Stable
Fire FIRELP238 Blue 20-25 Stable

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