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Mutes in the Steeple b/w Smokin' Pot in the Hot City

Classic Rock is for Pussies

Estherecords EST-03, released 1995

Keshigomu - Private Street for Bu-Bu

Alias A088, released 1995

This is another one that came out on multiple labels.  The Alias version is generally known as "Private Street for Bu-Bu."  The Japanese on the cover says "keshigomu," which means eraser...not too much of a stretch to say that this probably came from an actual Japanese eraser package.  The sentence on the back of the sleeve translates to, "This is an eraser.  You can't eat it."  Just in case you were wondering.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Estherecords EST-03 - Black 8-10 Stable
Alias A088 - Black 6-8 Stable
Sleeve Foldover paper (Estherecords) / Thick-stock foldover paper (Alias)

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