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The Afghan Whigs released six full-length albums between 1988 and 1998...and here they are...

Big Top Halloween

Ultrasuede 001, released 1988

This has long been the crown jewel of Afghan Whigs vinyl collecting.  The band's first album, self-released on Ultrasuede in 1988.  Limited to 1000 copies.  The band wishes there were fewer.  Personally, I don't know why they are all so down on this album.  Sure, there are some tracks that miss the mark and the style of music changes wildly from one soneg to the next.   There are some really good ones on there as well.  That's just my opinion, though.  This one has been expensive for a very long time, but remarkably did not appreciate in value much between the end of the 90's and 2010.   Since, then, the price has started to creep up.  I have seen one sell for up to $350, but that was an outlier.  $125 to $150 is more normal.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Ultrasuede 001 175-250 Up
Credits Matt Mona: vinyl and insert images.

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Up in It

Sub Pop SP60, released 1990

Glitterhouse GR0092 (Germany)

Sub Pop SP5/116 (CD - Germany)

This was the first Afghan Whigs album released on Sub Pop.  There were two versions of the sleeve and several colors of vinyl to go along with each.  The first pressing was of 1000 copies on orange vinyl.  Accompanying these copies was the sleeve containing the horizontal arm and orange print.  These copies came with lyric sheet inserts.  The first press orange is attracting more purchasing interest again, but the price has stayed pretty stable. 

There were also black vinyl copies pressed with the original sleeve.  Glitterhouse Records in Germany pressed this album (GR0092) with this sleeve as well, also on black vinyl.  The cd version was one of the earliest Sub Pop Europe releases (SP5/116).

Later pressings had the second version of the sleeve shwon above, depicting a vertical arm with more shading and white lettering.  This version was pressed on black, green, blue marble and blue-green marble vinyl, and came with no inserts.  The blue and green varieties are all fairly rare.  The blue-green is less common than the green, and the blue is a really tough find.  The craziest collectors (myself included) have locked up their blue and blue-green copies, so the prices have come down a bit, but they are still the most expensive variants.

There are also a very few copies out there that were on the 1st press black vinyl, but came in 2nd press sleeves.  These copies, unlike the rest of the 2nd run, did come with inserts: letter-sized Singles Club enrollment forms.  The first time I saw one of these, I thought it was an anomaly, but I have since seen five or six copies that meet this description, which tells me otehrwise.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SP60 1st: Orange (1000) 25-60 Volatile
SP60 1st: Black 20-25 Stable
SP60 2nd Sleeve w/ 1st Black Vinyl 20-30 Stable
SP60 2nd: Green 30-45 Stable
SP60 2nd: Blue-Green Marble 35-45 Stable
SP60 2nd: Blue Marble 40-60 Down
SP60 2nd: Black 20-25 Stable
GR0092 Black 15-25 Stable
Test Pressing
1st Press Insert
Early 2nd Press Insert
Test Pressing Black vinyl, plain white labels

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Sub Pop SP130, released 1992 (CD/CS)

Sub Pop SP26/183 (LP - Germany)

Afghan Whigs album number three, released on Sub Pop in 1992.  The only vinyl version of this album came out on Sub Pop Europe.  All copies were on black vinyl.&nsbp; The price of this record was stable from 2006-09, went up a little, and is now a bit unpredictable.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SP26/183 30-60 Volatile
Test Pressing
Test Pressing Black vinyl, generic German white labels

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Sub Pop SP238, released 1993 (U.S.)

Elektra 7559-61501-1, released 1993 (Germany)

Blast First BFFP90 and BFFP90S, released 1993 (UK)

Hi-Speed Soul HSS-1037-1, released 2011 (U.S.)

Rhino R161501, released 2014 (U.S.)

Elektra/Rhino R1 545514, released 2014 (3xLP - U.S.)

Blast First LBFFP90, released 2014 (UK)

Blast First XLBFFP90, released 2014 (3xLP - UK)

Elektra 8122795664, released 2014 (Europe)

Elektra 8122795665, released 2014 (3xLP - Europe)

The Afghan Whigs' first major label release.  There are all kinds of versions of this one.  Well, okay, three, really - all of them were on black vinyl.  Sub Pop had the rights to release the U.S. vinyl (SP238).  The German one was on Elektra (7559-61501-1), and the UK one was on Blast First (BFFP90).  There is, however, a version of the UK release that comes with a bonus 4-track 12" single (BFFP90S).  The German one is by far the toughest one to find. 

In 2011, Hi-Speed Soul re-released Gentlemen, on 180g vinyl.  This version is pretty easy to find, but I hear that the label has now gone under, so these will start getting rarer.  All of the original versions were selling for pretty high prices for a long time, but seemed to come down a bit when the re-press came out.  The UK versions really came down in price.  The price for the Sub Pop version was all over the place. 

Then came Gentlemen at 2014, they released a remastered anniversary edition of Gentlemen...two versions each in the U.S., the UK, and the rest of Europe.   There was a single disc 180g version and a three-disc deluxe version in each location.  The deluxe edition came with demos for the whole album and a whole bunch of other extras.  It started out as a pricy set, but, naturally, with the market flooded, came way down in value pretty quickly.  This release seems to have permanently killed the value of all of the original pressings except for the Sub Pop version.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Sub Pop SP238 35-75 Volatile
Elektra 7559-61501-1 30-35 Down
Blast First BFFP90 20-30 Down
Blast First BFFP90S w/ bonus 12" 25-40 Down
Hi-Speed Soul HSS-1037-1 15-20 Stable
Rhino R161501 15-20 Stable
Elektra/Rhino R1 545514 3xLP 30-40 Down
Blast First LBFFP90 15-20 Stable
Blast First XLBFFP90 3xLP 20-30 Down
Elektra 8122795664 15-20 Stable
Elektra 8122795665 3xLP 35-45 Down
Blast First Test Press
Sub Pop
Blast First
Blast First Bonus 12"
Hi-Speed Soul
Gentlemen at 21
Gentlemen at 21 Deluxe
Test Pressing Blast First - Black vinyl, plain white labels
Credits G. Sinchak: Blast First test pressing image

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Black Love

Sub Pop SP353, released 1996

Elektra 7559-61896-1 (Germany)

Mute STUMM143-1 (UK)

Music on Vinyl MOVLP821, released 2014

This is one of the best albums ever recorded. I cannot be swayed of this idea. Released in 1996, Sub Pop had the U.S. rights to the vinyl for this one.  It was released as SP353 on black vinyl.  The UK version was on Mute Records (STUMM143-1), also on black vinyl.  There is also a German release on Elektra Records.  As with Gentlemen, the German version seems to be the rarest.  The price for the U.S. version has been fluctuating greatly lately.  The other versions have held stable.  In 2014, Music on Vinyl released a 180g re-press, which is pretty easy to find.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Sub Pop SP353 30-50 Volatile
Elektra 7559-61896-1 30-40 Stable
Mute STUMM143-1 30-40 Stable
Music on Vinyl MOVLP821 15-20 Stable
Sub Pop
Music on Vinyl
Credits Mike: SP353 image

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Columbia C 69450 LP, released 1998 (U.S.)

Columbia 491486-1 LP, released 1998 (Europe)

Music on Vinyl MOVLP149 2xLP, released 2010

This entry used to start with, "Sadly, this was the Whigs' final album."  Who knew?  All original vinyl versions were released on various incarnations of Columbia Records.  All were on black vinyl.  It has been difficult to predict how much this record will sell for.  Sometimes it goes for very little, sometimes a fair amount.  There has been some confusion about the European vinyl releases for 1965.  I had once heard that there were UK and Austrian versions of this one, but I think that they are one and the same.  The European LP gives no indication of country of origin on the sleeve or on the label, and the Austrian and UK versions of the CD had the same catalogue number.

In 2010, Music on Vinyl, a Dutch imprint, reissued 1965 on 180g vinyl.  It was released as a two-record set.  The second disc contained the bonus tracks from the Somethin' Hot and Australian 66 CD singles.  No new material here, but, made it a lot easier to get ahold of "The Singer."  A significant percentage of the U.S. copies have the upper lefthand corner of the sleeve clipped - presumably, these were mostly used as promos.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Columbia C 69450 25-45 Volatile
Columbia 491486-1 30-50 Stable
Music on Vinyl MOVLP149 25-30 Stable
C 69450

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