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66 EP

Columbia CSK 41817 CD, released 1999 (U.S.)

Columbia COL 666779 2 CD, released 1999 (Austria)

Columbia COL 666903 2 CD, released 1999 (Australia)

Ah, yes...the 66 EP.  This one is interesting.  There were three versions of this one, all very different.  First, the U.S. promo version, which contained a couple of radio edits, call-out hooks, and a live version of "66."  Simple, easy to find.  The Australian version is entirely contains the same b-sides that came on the earlier Somethin' Hot EP. 

Now...the Austrian release is the big one here.  This one had two live tracks ("Somethin' Hot" and "66") and one song, "The Singer," that was unavailable anywhere else for many years.  I adore this track.  Some fans have really never gotten into this song.  I love it.  It is the single most New Orleans-sounding track that they ever laid down.  Good stuff.  Complicating things, though, was the fact that this version of the EP was nearly impossible to find.  Without a generous group of Whigs fans distributing a set of rarities CDs within the community, many people would have had to go to great lengths to get this song.  The Austrian version of the CD is still extremely hard to find.

When the 1965 album was reissued on vinyl in 2010, they included the tracks from the Austrian 66 EP, placing "The Singer" on vinyl for the first time.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Columbia CSK 41817 (U.S.) 2-4 Stable
Columbia COL 666779 2 (Austria) 15-20 Stable
Columbia COL 666903 2 (Australia) 5 Stable

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