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The Afghan Whigs


Going to Town EP

Elektra PRCD 9540-2 CD, released 1996 (U.S.)

Mute CDMUTE 199 CD, released 1996 (UK)

Mute PCDSTUMM 143 CD, released 1996 (UK)

Elektra 7559-64266-2 CD, released 1996 (Europe)

Bonnie & Clyde EP

Elektra PRCD 9604-2 CD, released 1996 (U.S.)

The Going to Town EP came in several versions (all CD).  All but one version (Elektra PRCD 9540-2) contained three exclusive tracks plus a live version of "Going to Town."  The exclusive tracks were released in the U.S. as the Bonnie & Clyde EP.  The only difference this one had with the European ones was that it contained the track "Creep" in place of the live "Going to Town."  I can only assume that this was because the live recording came from a radio show, Modern Rock Live, and they didn't have the rights to use it in the States.  Bonnie & Clyde was highly sought after for a while amongst Whigs collectors...I never quite understood why.  Again, the tracks were all on the other versions of the EP, which were easier to find.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Elektra 7559-64266-2 CD 8-12 Stable
Mute CDMUTE 199 CD 8-12 Stable
Elektra PRCD 9540-2 5 Stable
Mute PCDSTUMM 143 CD 10-15 Stable
Bonnie & Clyde EP - PRCD 9604-2 CD 10-15 Stable

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