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Somethin' Hot b/w Miss World

Columbia COL666331 7 7", released 1998

This one is very odd to me.  The copy shown is the first that I had seen in a long time.  I could swear I remember seeing it more than once when it was released, but I ignored it at the time because it was a major label release.  I assumed it would be easy to find in the future.  Oops.  It can be VERY tough to find.  The sleeve is actually numbered on the back.  My copy is # 181...I have no idea how many there were total, but it can't be many.  There were 1965 copies (ha-ha) of the cd made...I can't imagine that there are as many 7"s out there.  That said, I have seen copies numbered into the 1800s, so maybe there are that many.  I have a feeling that a good chunk of them just never made it onto the market.  Scour Europe (especially France).  That's my advice.  A number of these have surfaced in the past few years, and most of them have turned up in France.  If you are searching for one, the good news is most of the rabid collectors (myself included) have now gotten ahold of copies, so there are not as many people driving up the price.  It has really come down in recent years. 

I have seen a variety of these records now, with a range of numbers.  The higher-numbered copies have been on lighter (both weight and color) orange semi-transparent-and-somewhat-marbled vinyl.  The lower numbered copies are on darker, more solid orange vinyl.  The sleeves are different as well; the solid orange ones come in sleeves with darker, better defined colors.  The variations are distinct, but do still probably come from the same pressing.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
COL666331-7 Orange 25-30 Down
Credits Romain found these for me and first noticed the two types of orange vinyl

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