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The Afghan Whigs

Turn on the Water b/w Milez iz Ded

Sub Pop Europe SP32,5/187 7" (Germany), released in 1992

Sub Pop Europe SP32/187 12" (Germany)

As with most German Sub Pop releases of this time, this one was only on black vinyl.  The 12" contains an additional track, "Delta Kong."  There was also a CDS issued, which contained all of the tracks of the 12" plus another, "Chalk Outline."

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SP32/187 12" Black 15-20 Stable
SP32,5/187 7" Black 3-5 Stable
12" Test Pressing
7" Test Pressing
Test Pressing 12" - Black vinyl, white labels
7" - Black vinyl, white German labels
Credits G. Sinchak: 12" test pressing image
Enrico: 7" test pressing image

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