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Velocity Girl


Sub Pop SP196, released March 1993

Sub Pop SP75/242 (Germany)

Velocity Girl's first full-length album - very solid release.  I would like it a lot more if the vocals were audible, but it's very good nonetheless.  It exists on several different colors of vinyl.  None of them are particularly rare, but the purple marble one can occasionally fetch a few bucks.  I have seen it on clear blue, blue-grey marble, and purple marble vinyl.  There may be more varieties.  One of the blue ones (the blue-grey one, I think, but I am not positive) can still be purchased new from Sub Pop.  The European release was of 1000 copies on red vinyl, with some more on black.

Version Approximate value ($)
SP196 Blue-grey Marble 10-12
SP196 Blue 10-12
SP196 Purple Marble 15-20
SP75/242 Red 12-15
SP75/242 Black 10-12
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