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Teenbeat 100 7"

Contains the Tsunami track "Brickbook Building"

Teenbeat 100, released 1993

Teenbeat squeezed ten bands onto a 7" for its hundredth release.  Blast Off Country Style, Eggs, Tsunami, Butch Willis, Unrest, The Shoetrees, Bratmobile, Sexual Milkshake, Cobalt, and Los Marauders all contributed.  The Tsunami track was later re-released on World Tour and Other Destinations.  According to the entry on the Teenbeat Records site, part of their wonderful new discography, this one was actually pressed five times.  The first pressing, shown here, was of 2000 copies.  The sleeves had orange and green ink.  The second, third, and fourth pressings (1000, 1000, and 250 copies, respectively) had sleeves with red and blue print on them.  The fifth and final pressing was of 300 copies. The sleeves were printed with burgundy and metallic copper ink.  All were on translucent black vinyl.  None are particularly valuable.

Version Approximate Value ($) Price Trending
Teenbeat 100 Black - 1st Press (2000, orange/green sleeve) 5 Stable
Teenbeat 100 Black - 2nd/3rd/4th Press (2250, red/blue sleeve) 5 Stable
Teenbeat 100 Black - 5th Press (300, burgundy/copper sleeve) 5 Stable
Sleeve Paper Foldover
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