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The Tiger Trap & Henry's Dress Astronautical Music Festival

Tiger Trap - Alien Space Song b/w Henry's Dress - Feathers

Slumberland SLR 033, released February 1994

And just like that...Tiger Trap's brief career was done.  Before I started paying attention to these things, I could have sworn this was one of their earliest recordings.  I guess not.  It is definitely one of the tougher items of theirs to find.  Mail order copies were on powder blue marble vinyl.  The Slumberland discography says, "a very small quantity had hand-colored sleeves with a picture of Pete Townshend." The Pete Townshend sleeve is very difficult to find, but does exist.

Incidentally, I recently came across this picture:

Hmmm...what do you want to bet someone found this record in a thrift store and just had to use it for a sleeve?

Version Approximate value ($)
SLR 033 Powder Blue Marble 20-30
SLR 033 Black 15-20
SLR 033 Pete Townshend Sleeve 25-35
Test Pressing
Sleeve Paper foldover
Credits BJ: Pete Townshend Sleeve image
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