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Let This Rest b/w Killing Word Split 7"

Lookout CP4404, released 2004

Right.  Tracking this one down was maddening.  Elizabeth Elmore told me it existed, but years passed before I had any other information about it.  Then, out of nowhere, Haley Buckles contacted me through the site.  Suddenly, game on...this was a red vinyl promotional split 7" that was pressed for a Red Stripe beer promotion.  I have no idea how few of these were made, but I do know that it was really, really tough to track down.  It was actually the only record featured on this site for which I had no concrete information.  Fortunately, those days are gone.  Whew.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Lookout CP4404 Red 25-30 ?
Credits Haley Buckles: All of the information you see above.  She came up with a copy of this one.  I did not even have pictures of it beforehand.

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