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SP73 Nirvana

Sliver b/w Dive

Sub Pop SP73, released September 1990

This one deserves its own page.  But wait - it has one!  This page on details this single much better than I could.  I will still be as complete as possible here, though.

The first pressing of this one had blue marble and black pressings, and came with foldover sleeves with singles club forms attached.  The labels and sleeves did not mention Erika Records.  Sub Pop says the first 3000 were on blue marble vinyl.  If the pressing pattern holds true, there are probably between 3500 and 4000 black ones.  There are also pink copies out there that had these labels and sleeves.  I originally thought these were second pressings that used the leftover materials from the first pressings, but I no longer think so.  The pink color is definitely distinct from the 2nd pressing clear pink (see scans).

Second pressing: this is where it gets messy.  These versions had full sleeves, sealed on three sides, and many had Erika Records information on the back.  Most of these had Erika Records on the labels as well...but not all of them.  Colors include: black, blue, blue w/ black marbling, orange marble, peach, yellow, pink, pink marble and clear.  It is often difficult to tell the difference between the orange and peach ones from pictures.  If you examine them up close, though, the peach version is partially translucent, while the orange one is a completely solid marbled orange.  Orange and pink marble are both incredibly scarce versions of the Sliver single, perhaps even more so than clear, which tends to sell for a bit more.  And then...there's the white one.  There are very few of these in existence (~100?).  It is very rare and very expensive.  It doesn't stop there, though.  After years of rumors, a red one appeared.  To this point, the collecting community has only seen one of these.  It does exist, though.

Third pressing: These had full sleeves with the late-90's era black labels.  No one really cares about these...

Fourth pressing: I call this a 4th pressing, just based on the patterns of some other Sub Pop releases.  The vinyl is exactly like the third pressing, except that now, the sleeves are of the foldover variety, on thick card stock.

There was a late pressing that Sub Pop did of this record through Golden rather than Erika.  One would think this would be the 4th pressing, but...well, if you order one from Sub Pop now, you get the Erika version.  Regardless, the black label ones don't sell for anything, and can still be ordered directly from Sub Pop.

Version Approximate Value ($) Price Trending
First Pressings
SP73 Blue Marble (3000) 30-50 Stable
SP73 Black (3500-4000) 15-25 Down
SP73 Pink 70-90 Down
Second Pressings
SP73 Clear 175-225 Stable
SP73 Orange Marble 180-220 Stable
SP73 Pink Marble 125-150 Stable
SP73 Light Blue w/ Black Marbling 70-90 Down
SP73 Peach 80-100 Stable
SP73 Yellow 60-80 Down
SP73 Blue/Turquoise 40-60 Down
SP73 Pink 30-40 Down
SP73 Black 10-15 Down
Third Pressing
SP73 Black 5 Stable
Fourth Pressing
SP73 Black (Golden pressing) 5-8 Stable
SP73 Black (Erika pressing) 5 Stable
Other Scarce Pressings
SP73 White 700-800 Up
SP73 Red 1200-1500 Up
1st Pressing Attached Insert
Test Pressing
1st Pressing - Blue Marble
1st Pressing - Black
1st Pressing - Pink
Sleeve 1st pressing: Paper foldover w/ insert attached
2nd pressing: Full glossy
3rd pressing: Full glossy
4th pressing: Thick-stock paper foldover
Test Pressing Black vinyl, small hole, plain white labels
Credits Enrico ( red image
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