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SP36 The Fluid



Sub Pop SP36, released June 1989

Glitterhouse GR0055

Released concurrently on Sub Pop and Glitterhouse in 1989. The sleeve was the same for both except for the coloring. The Glitterhouse one had an olive green tint, while the Sub Pop one was more pink. As with all others, the Glitterhouse version was on black vinyl. The Sub Pop version...not so much. A member of the band told me that the first pressing was of equal numbers of pink marble and red marble copies, and believed it was a total press run of 1000. The grey marble and black copies were later pressings.

I knew that other colors might exist, but imagine my surprise when one of the original Sub Pop discographers wrote to me a couple of years ago to tell me of two others - a clear red and a clear green copy. Supposedly, these were pressed in quantities of about 50 each. I had seen a clear red one advertised for years, but assumed that it was the red marble one and moved on with my life. As soon as I got that message, I bought that copy...sure enough, clear red. Who knew? The difference is a little hard to tell in the pictures, but I is clear red and the other is solid red marble. I have never been able to verify the clear green one, so for the time being, it remains in the rumors section.

The only cd version of the full Roadmouth album was on Glitterhouse. It contains a version of "Saccharine Rejection" (probably the best version, for what it's worth) that was otherwise only available on the Motor City Madness Glitterhouse compilation. Most of the album was later released in cd form along with the Glue EP by Sub Pop. Two songs were left off the combined cd: "Big Brother" and "Leave It".

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
GR0055 (Black) 2-4 1 Down
SP36 - 1st Press (Pink Marble) 15-20 5 Stable
SP36 - 1st Press (Red Marble) 25-35 5 Up
SP36 (Clear Red) 40-50 9 Up
SP36 (Grey Marble) 15-20 4 Stable
SP36 (Black) 5-8 2 Stable
Pink Marble
Red Marble
Clear Red
Grey Marble
Rumors Clear green version

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