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SP33 Mudhoney


You Got It (Keep It Outta My Face) b/w Burn It Clean

Sub Pop SP33, released May 1989

Glitterhouse GR0060 - Burn It Clean 12" (Germany)

According to Sub Pop, the first 3000 of these were released with poster sleeves (see image above).  There were 300 on white vinyl, and the rest were on black vinyl.  I am guessing that the 300 white were part of the 3000 (i.e. there are 2700 black ones with poster sleeves).  Not positive on that one.  I do know that some of the white copies come with a slightly different poster sleeve.  It is on a glossier, magazine-like paper, while all of the black (and some of the white) have a poster sleeve with a thicker stock paper - more of a cardboard feel.  For a record that supposedly only has 300 copies, the white one seems to show up for sale pretty often and does not sell for that high a price.  I have no proof, but this leads me to believe there are more than 300 on the market.  There were also 2000 pressed on black vinyl with normal sleeves.  These later black copies came with loose inserts.

Version Approximate Value ($) Price Trending
SP33 White w/ poster sleeve (300) 15-20 Stable
SP33 Black w/ poster sleeve (2700) 6-8 Stable
Black w/ normal sleeve (2000) 5 Stable
Loose Insert
Test Pressing
Sleeve Paper foldover, poster printed on inside of sleeve (3000); Paper foldover, no poster
Test Pressing Black vinyl, small hole, plain white labels

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