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SP23 Nirvana


Love Buzz b/w Big Cheese

Sub Pop SP23, released November 1988

Sub Pop Singles Club #1

Nirvana's legendary first single.  1000 hand-numbered copies, 200 additional copies with red marker across the number space on the sleeve.  All are on transparent black vinyl.  The value fluctuates wildly on this record.  Even if you catch it in a downswing, however, it will cost you an awful lot of money.  Check out for the full details.  I cannot do a better job than that.  However, the basic ways to recognize a real one are: 1. The names Alice Wheeler and Susan Sasic on the back of the sleeve are legible.  2. The side A trail-off wax reads: Why don't you trade those guitars for shovels? L-31540 SP-23-A kdisc; side B reads: L-31540X SP-23-B kdisc.

Note that there are MANY bootlegs out there (also see for details).  They are not terribly difficult to spot once you know what to look for.  Remarkably, the bootlegs also sell for a considerable amount of one point in 2008, the fakes were going for over $300.  Asinine.

Version Approximate Value ($) Price Trending
SP23 Translucent Black - Hand-numbered Sleeve (1000) 1300-2300 Volatile
SP23 Translucent Black - Red marker stripe Sleeve (200) 2000-2500 Volatile
Test Pressing
Sleeve Paper foldover, hand-numbered or w/ red stripe in place of a number
Test Pressing Black vinyl, small hole, plain white labels

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