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SP168 Seaweed

Measure b/w Turnout

Sub Pop SP168, released October 1992

Sub Pop Europe SP57/219 - 12"/CDS (Germany)

The second Sub Pop single from Seaweed.  Seaweed was peaking at this point.  They were putting out some solid music.  This single was available on orange vinyl (most common) and clear vinyl (slightly less common).  Sub Pop says the first 2000 were on orange.  However, there are two distinct orange versions - one is the standard flat orange that you will commonly see for sale.  The next is a much lighter, marbled orange version with some pink streaks in it.  Then, there is the pink marble or salmon version.  This one is a variation - it is very rare.  It looks somewhat like the orange one, but is definitely a distinct pink marble color.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SP168 Orange (2000) 5-8 Down
SP168 Light Orange w/ Pink Streaks 10-15 Stable
SP168 Pink Marble 40-50 Up
SP168 Clear 8-10 Down
SP57/219 12" 10-12 Stable
Test Pressing
Light Orange w/ Pink Streaks
Pink Marble
Europe 12"
Standard Orange vs. Light Orange
Standard Orange vs. Pink Marble
Test Pressing Black vinyl, small hole, white labels
Sleeve 7" - Full glossy
Credits Gregg Conover: pink marble, orange/pink marble comparison pictures
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