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SP121 V/A

Tribute to Alice Cooper 2 x 7" - Sonic Youth/Gumball/Laughing Hyenas/These Immortal Souls

Sub Pop SP121, released June 1991

Sub Pop Singles Club #32/33

This was sent out as a double single, and so it counted and the June and July Singles Club singles.  Limited to 5500 copies, mostly on black vinyl, with a handful on blue-grey marble vinyl.  The blue set is really difficult to get.  I don't think it was really supposed to be pressed in blue.  The A-side label says "Limited Edition Black Vinyl," and the D-side label says, "they're all black, sucker."  I found a blue copy after a very long search, and I paid more than the price listed here to get it.  Be warned.

Version Approximate value ($)
SP121 Black (5500) 15-25
SP121 Blue-Grey 100-150
Test Pressing - Side A
Test Pressing - Side C
Sleeve Paper foldover
Test Pressing Black vinyl, large hole, plain white labels
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