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SP113 Dwarves

Lucky Tonight b/w Speed Demon/Dairy Queen

Sub Pop SP113, released October 1991

Sub Pop SP21/163 (Germany)

Another Dwarves single, this time with a remarkably tame sleeve.  This one is mostly on orange vinyl.  I have been told that there are black vinyl copies as well, but I have never seen one.  I think the confusion may be coming from the Sub Pop Europe version, which is black and has the yellow labels typically reserved for U.S. releases.  There are three main differences with this one that easily identify it as the European one: first, the vinyl color (black).  Next, the catalogue number is SP21/163 instead of SP113.  Finally, the sleeve is slightly different.  The Dwarves logo is done in grey.

Version Approximate value ($)
SP113 Orange 10-15
SP21/163 Black 10-12
Sleeve Full cardboard matte
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