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SP103 Unrest

A Factory Record

Deaf/UFO b/w Sex Machine/When It All Comes Down

Sub Pop SP103, released March 1991

Sub Pop Singles Club #29

Limited to 7000 copies, 4000 on lilac vinyl and 3000 on black.  Well...I thought it was that simple.  Many people call the lilac one pink.  That's a fair assessment.  Slightly misleading, though.  It's more of a lavender (and officially, it's lilac). I thought there was no pink one. Then I found a pink one.  Oops.  It looks like it is part of the lilac pressing, but that they ran out of the marbling colors.  The result: it's pink, and very rare.  See pics.  In real life, it is more pink than in the picture. It is a distinct difference.

Version Approximate value ($)
SP103 Lilac (4000) 8-10
SP103 Black (3000) 5
SP103 Pink 30-40
Attached Insert
Test Pressing
Sleeve Paper foldover w/ insert attached
Test Pressing Black vinyl, small hole, plain white labels
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