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The Slackers

An Afternoon in Dub

U.S. CD - Special Potato, released 2005

Europe CD - Echo Beach, released 2005

Brazil CD - Tratore, released 2005

Japan CD - Ska in the World SIWI-045 CD, released 2005

U.S. LP - Asian Man AM180, released 2009

Lots of Slackers songs done dub-style.  I don't get dub...I don't know why.  Perhaps it is my complete lack of desire to consume the illicit substances that might be prerequisites for being able to enjoy dub.  This one was released on CD in many different countries with a variety of album artwork.  It did not appear on vinyl until 2009, when Asian Man got ahold of it (which resulted in dramatically different artwork - the yellow one above).  It is on black vinyl and is still in print.

Version Approximate value ($)
Asian Man AM180 Black 10-12
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