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Halloween Hootenanny LP

Telstar TR 034 LP, released 1998

Zombie A Go-Go DGCD-25214 CD, released 1998

Contains the Rocket from the Crypt song "I Drink Blood"

Halloween Hootenanny was a unique Halloween comp assembled by Rob Zombie.  There are a few really worthwhile moments on that comp.  The Rocket moment is the best of those, as they deliver the intense "I Drink Blood," which straddles the edge of insanity and total insanity.  This track ended up on All Systems Go 2.  Before that, this comp was the only place to find it.  It came out on vinyl (black) and CD.  The vinyl can go for $25 or so.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Telstar TR 034 Black 20-30 Stable

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