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All Systems Go II 2xLP

Swami SWA2001, released October 1999

...And from the pit of blackness emerges the Swami with a slab of greatness.  This collection followed in the footsteps of the first All Systems Go.  It is another collection of b-sides and lost tracks.  The majority of the material on here had been released elsewhere, but there were a few exclusive tracks.  I love this record.  As far as the vinyl goes...most of these are on black vinyl.  There are some on red, though not a lot.  It took me some time to get ahold of the red vinyl version, as the price rose rapidly for a couple of years.  The average auction price came down some time ago, though, and seems to have stabilized at the lower level.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SWAMI 2001 Red 25-40 Stable
SWAMI 2001 Black 10-15 Stable
Test Pressing Side A
Test Pressing Side C

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