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Glazed GLZ-001, released December 1999

This single was the inaugural release of Glazed Records, a project undertaken by Bill, who did the original site.  Released on several colors: 200 on gold/black mixed vinyl, 550 on red vinyl, and 2000 on black vinyl.  It came with an insert.  There are also supposedly 5-8 copies on straight yellow vinyl.  I think there are probably more than that, but I'm just one guy talkin'.  Bill confirmed for me that the clear yellow copies were unintended variations of the yellow/black copies.  I would bet that every clear yellow copy actually has some black in it, but it is obscured by the labels. The black vinyl version was later re-pressed, but without the insert.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
GLZ-001 Clear Yellow (5-8) 50? ?
GLZ-001 Yellow/Black (200) 30-40 Stable
GLZ-001 Red (550) 15-20 Stable
GLZ-001 Black w/ Insert (2000) 4 Down
GLZ-001 Black w/o Insert 4 Stable
Test Pressing
Sleeve Full glossy
Test Pressing Black vinyl, white labels, writing in pen
Credits RAB: Test pressing image

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