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Rocket from the Crypt/Bloodthirsty Butchers Split 2x7"

Disc 1: RFTC - Cut It Loose b/w On Living and Dying/Pressure's On
Disc 2: Bloodthirsty Butchers - Water b/w Alligator/Raven

Bacteria Sour SOUR 2/SOUR 3, released 1994

This might be the only Pushead-related record I have ever seen that is not worth anything.  All on black vinyl.  There must have been many of these pressed, as it is a pretty easy and inexpensive find. 

HOWEVER...there is also a record out there that was a rejected test pressing of the Rocket 7".  It has a different b-side, containing Cut It Loose, Glazed, and Pressure's On.  There were EIGHT of them that were sent out by Pushead in an inside-out sleeve, signed and hand-numbered, along with all sorts of other goodies, including a sculpture.  Not an easy find.  Another version of the rejected test press surfaced for sale in 2012, but this one was without the various other Pushead paraphernalia.  It had plain white, unstamped labels.  This would indicate that there may be a few more in existence than the aforementioned eight.  The matrix codes for the actual release are "MPO PUS 007-05 A1" (side A) and "MPO PUS 007-05 B2" (side B).  On the rejected test pressing, side A is the same, while side B has a matrix code of "MPO PUS 007-05 B1."

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SOUR 2/3 Black 6-10 Down
Rejected Test Pressing - No Stamp
Rejected Test Pressing Sleeve
Rejected Test Pressing
Rejected Test Pressing - Close-up of Number
Rejected Test Pressing - Full Set
Sleeve Full cardboard gatefold
Test Pressing Rejected: Black vinyl, limited to 8 copies - see above
Credits Pushead set of rejected test press images

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