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Drunken Fish DR-02, released July 1992

Rocket was apparently busy during the summer of '92.  This one was a one-sided MC5 cover...brutal record.  500 copies on gold vinyl, some (I have heard 50) come with Mardi Gras-esque beads.  And then...there's the full color sleeve version.  A collector told me long ago that she had one of these but never sent any pictures, so it remained a rumor on this site.  Well, not anymore.  There were twelve of these made - it is a color-copied sleeve, numbered on the back.  The majority of these went to the band or stayed with the label, but a couple of them have gotten out.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
DR-02 Gold (500) 25-35 Down
DR-02 Gold w/ Beads 40-60 Down
DR-02 Gold - Full Color Sleeve (12) 200-250 Up
Sleeve Red paper, sealed in plastic with a rocket sticker

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