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Hellcat Records 80405-1 LP/80405-2 CD, released 1997

In 1997, the Pietasters answered the call of the Hellcat, and jumped ship from Moon.  Willis was their first effort for the new label.  It was also, believe it or not, their first album that appeared on vinyl.  The vinyl is still easy to find.  This was not my favorite Pietasters album.  It had its moments, but their soul sound was not yet fully developed, parts of their ska sound were hanging around, and some punky stuff bled in as well.  Something just didn't work for me.  I have always loved "Out All Night," despite its tendency to be overplayed at the time.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Hellcat 80405-1 LP Black 12-15 Stable
Test Pressing Black vinyl, generic Rainbo labels
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