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The Toasters

Beat Up 7"

The Beat b/w Brixton Beat

Ice Bear/Moon Records - Toast 1/Toast 2, released 1984

Assigned "MR001" number in later Moon catalogues

The inaugural Toasters single.  This one started it all.  It was actually released on Ice Bear Records, but was assigned Moon catalogue numbers - Toast 1 for side A and Toast 2 for side B.  This is a very, very difficult record to find.  When it does appear, it is usually in a consistent price range ($40-50).  I have seen a couple of them sell since 2010.  Before that, it had been many years since I had last seen one sold.  Grab it when you see it.

Version Approximate value ($)
Toast 1/Toast 2 Black (1000) 40-50
Sleeve Full Paper Sleeve
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