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God Bless Satan CD

Pass the Virgin (self-released), released 1994

Moon Ska MR666, released 1994

Alright, I like this album, and I kind of like myself a little less for it.  No, this is a fun one, despite the shtik.  When I was a ska DJ in the late '90s, though, people requested the "Bumblebee Tuna Song" almost every show for a year.  That got old.  I have always loved "Saba," though.  The quality of the band's live performance varied dramatically from one show to the next.  This one was only released on CD, but it was originally self-released.  Moon Ska re-released it with their logos and numbers.  They used the number MR666 (of course they did), but it took the place of MR066 in the numbering system, so that worked out fairly nicely.

Version Approximate value ($)
Pass the Virgin CD 12-15
Moon Ska MR666 CD 5-8
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