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The Slackers

Better Late than Never

Moon Ska MR067 CD, released 1996

Special Potato SP003 CD, released 2002

Special Potato SP0003 2xLP, released 2002

Asbestos ASB041 LP + 7", released 2009

No album title could possibly have fit better.  The Slackers' first album was a game changer.  There were some really solid ska albums on the market when this one came out.  Better Late than Never raised the bar.  Excellent, top to bottom.  The only knock on it might be that the production is a little bit bass-heavy, which mutes the rest of the sound a bit.  The album was remastered years later and re-released on Special Potato (along with three bonus tracks from the original recording sessions).  At that point, it was also released on vinyl for the first time - as a double LP on black vinyl.  That double LP was a very easy find for several years, and then suddenly became scarce (it mostly coincided with the Jammyland shop closing).  Asbestos Records repressed it again in 2009.  This version did not include the three bonus tracks.  It was also done as an LP + 7".  No real reason for this, but it's fun.  The Asbestos version is much rarer than the previous one (150 copies on black vinyl and 350 on white), but is still readily available.  I expect this to change over time. 

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR067 CD 10-12
Special Potato SP-3 2xLP 15-20
Asbestos ASB041 LP+7" Black (150) 12
Asbestos ASB041 LP+7" White (350) 12
Special Potato Disc 1
Special Potato Disc 2
ASB041 LP Test Pressing
ASB041 7" Test Pressing
ASB041 LP Black Vinyl
ASB041 7" Black Vinyl
ASB041 LP White Vinyl
ASB041 7" White Vinyl
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