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Dub 56 CD

Moon Ska MR043 CD/CS, released 1994 (twice)

Pork Pie Records EFA 04608-02 CD, released 1994 (Germany)

Dojo Records DOJO CD 214, released 1995 (UK)

Jimco Records JICK-89601, released 1995 (Japan)

Pork Pie Records EFA 05638-02 CD, released 2000 (Germany)

Satellite K/Megalith Europe SATKCD041/ME002 2xCD, released 2005

Megalith Europe ME002 2xCD, released 2006

Megalith MEGA 020 2xCD, released 2006

Dub 56 is one of the most famous Toasters albums.  It has a long, winding, screwy story behind it.  The first version that was released contained some tracks that were written/sung by Coolie Ranx, later of Pilfers fame.  However, he left the band shortly after the album came out, and Moon decided to repackage the album minus Coolie's contributions, but with some bonus tracks (from the Live in L.A. CD...which we will get to shortly).  The resulting CD ended up being the most commonly available version.  The disc has now been re-released many times over, in many different forms, with all kinds of bonus tracks along the way.  The Megalith versions contain the Recrimintations EP and the Pool Shark EP, among other things.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MR043 CD 12-15
Moon MR043 CD w/ Bonus Tracks 10-12
Pork Pie EFA 04608-02 CD (Germany) 10-12
DOJO CD 214 (UK) 10-12
Jimco JICK-89601 CD (Japan) 10-12
Pork Pie EFA 05638-02 CD (Germany) 10-12
Satellite K (SATKCD041)/ Moon Ska Europe ME002 2xCD 10-12
Megalith Europe ME002 2xCD 10-12
Megalith MEGA 020 2xCD 10-12
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