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NYC Ska Live

Moon Records MR022 LP/CS, released 1990

The NYC Ska Live compilation has an inferiority complex about its older brothers, the NY Beat and Skaface compilations.  This one is also of monumental importance...just not quite as much as NY Beat.  It is what it appears to be...a compilation of live recordings of the era's finest New York ska bands.  There were three comps released by Moon around this time that were of the utmost importance to the scene.  This was the last of the three.  The vinyl shows up for sale with some regularity.  The cassette is a bit rarer.

Track Listing:

  • NYC Ska Craze Intro
  • Bigger Thomas - Moving
  • Bigger Thomas - Ska in My Pocket
  • Skadanks - Dancehall
  • Skadanks - Just Ska
  • The Steadys - Just Reflections
  • The Steadys - All You Can Stand
  • Skininerbox - Promise
  • Skininerbox - Move Like You're Gone
  • The Scofflaws - Going Back To Kingston
  • The Scofflaws - Aliskaba
  • N.Y. Citizens - Sticky Situation
  • N.Y. Citizens - National Front
  • The Toasters - Don't Say Forever
  • The Toasters - Worry
  • NYC Ska Allstars - Matt Davis

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MR022 Black 15-20
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