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The Toasters


Thrill Me Up

Skaloid SKL8001 LP/CS/CD, released 1988/89

Moon Records Europe MRE021 LP, released 1990

Moon Records MR021 CS, released 1990

Moon Records MR021 CD, released 1995

Moon Ska Europe MOON CD 004, released 1999

The Toasters' Thrill Me Up album, much like Skaboom!, did not initially come out on Moon.  The first run of these was on Skaloid Records (the ska arm of Celluloid).  A couple of years later, a vinyl version appeared with different artwork.  This version was produced in Europe, and can be a challenging find.  Many subsequent CD versions have followed.  The Skaloid cassette came in two versions: one with a grey cassette shell (the U.S. version) and one with a black shell (made in Holland).  The black shell version is reportedly very rare.

Version Approximate value ($)
Skaloid SKL8001 Black 12-15
Moon MRE021 Black 18-20
Moon MR021 CD 10-12
Moon Ska Europe MOON CD 004 10-12
Skaloid SKL8001
Moon MRE021
Credits Charlie Leonard: Cassette information.
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