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Love Battery

Between the Eyes

Sub Pop SP69 (U.S. CS/CD), released 1989

Tupelo TUPLP22 (UK LP/CD)

Waterfont DAMP 130 (Australia 10")

Love Battery's first semi-full-length release, the six-song Between the Eyes EP, had many incarnations.  It was first recorded for Sub Pop, then licensed to Tupelo for European release (12") and Waterfront for Australian release (10").  The Australian version was available on yellow and black vinyl.  The U.S. Sub Pop version was never released on vinyl, but did come out on cassette and cd.

Version Approximate value ($)
TUPLP22 Black 12-15
DAMP 130 Yellow 20-25
DAMP 130 Black 12-15
TUPLP22 Test Pressing
DAMP 130 Test Pressing
DAMP 130
DAMP 130
Test Pressing Tupelo: Black vinyl, white Mayking labels
Waterfront: Black 10" pressed on 12" vinyl, white labels, extra etching in the outside dead wax
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