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Aunt Betty 7" - I Lied/Twisted b/w Sweetness

Cinnamon Toast CT002, released 1992

Jale's first single. It's a little rough. Things definitely got better from here. Not terrible, but certainly not their best. Up until April 2009, every one of these I had ever seen had been on red vinyl. I read somewhere that red vinyl was the second pressing, but had never seen anything else. Then, I came across a copy that had a black and white sleeve. The vinyl looked red until I examined it closely. This one is more of a pink-red or a magenta color. It also comes with a different insert than the standard red copy, which appears to be an earlier Cinnamon Toast catalogue. This all leads me to think that the copy with the black and white sleeve is the earlier pressing. I had also read that the first pressing of this record was numbered. My magenta copy has the number 80 written on the A side label in pen. This may be numbering from the label...and it might not. There is no additional information on mine...just the number 80.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
CT002 Magenta, B/W Sleeve 15-25 8 Stable
CT002 Red, Red Sleeve 4-6 1 Stable
1st Pressing - Magenta Vinyl
1st Pressing Insert
2nd Pressing - Red Vinyl
2nd Pressing Insert
Sleeve Paper foldover

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