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Out of Nowhere

Moon Ska MR032 CD/CS, released 1993/1995

Hellcat 80425-2 CD, released 2004

Hepcat sprang forth from the L.A. ska scene and quickly became one of the third wave bands with the greatest depth of sound, not to mention one of the most entertaining live shows.  Out of Nowhere was a great debut.  The production could be better, but the songs shine through.   It was only ever released on CD, but it did come out several times.  The first pressing can be identified by the earlier Moon Records logo on the front cover.  This was later replaced by the Moon Ska logo on the 1995 pressing.  The cassette version also exists with each of the two Moon logos.  Hellcat later put out a remastered version with different artwork.  That version contains the tracks from the Nigel 7".  There are also two hidden tracks at the end of "Club Mediation." One of them is "Doo Wop Heaven at Midnight" - basically Hepcat screwing around in the studio.  The other is "Ooh Ooh A-Hi Hi" from the California Ska-Quake compilation.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR032 CD (1st) 15-20
Moon Ska MR032 CD (2nd) 12-15
Hellcat 80425-2 CD 10-12
Credits Charlie Leonard: Cassette information.
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