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Buju Banton/Hepcat Split 12"

Mighty Dread b/w The Region

Epitaph EPIT 21039-1DJ, released 2000

This was a weird split European (UK?) 12".  It is a promo, but it has the look of a test pressing.  I have seen copies on which the titles are handwritten in pen on the labels, and others on which typed labels are affixed to the blank white labels.  It doesn't really fit any of the Epitaph numbering conventions.  Then again, Epitaph Europe has always seemed to kind of do its own thing.  Not terribly hard to find, but it usually appears in European stores.  The Hepcat track is the version found on the Push 'N Shove album.  Black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Epitaph EPIT 21039-1DJ 10-15 Stable

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