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S/T LP - Philippines pressing (QCL-22199)
Modern Industry 12" - Philippines pressing (CE-EP-18047)

The Fluid

Tin Top Toy 7" - red vinyl
Roadmouth LP - green vinyl (unconfirmed)
Glue LP - grey vinyl (unconfirmed)
Any color of a Fluid record not listed on this site

The Gaslight Anthem

Get Hurt LP - half red/half clear tour edition
2015 45RPM Club 7" (Great Expectations/59 Sound live)


Bleach LP (Sub Pop) - iceberg vinyl
Sliver 7" - red vinyl

Pretty Girls Make Graves

By the Throat (silkscreened Los Angeles/Pomona tour sleeve)

Rocket from the Crypt

Pure Genius 7" - red vinyl
Boychucker 7" - 2nd press - any label variation not featured on the site
Circa:Now! LP - straight blue vinyl (not purple)

Rico Rodriguez

Wonderful World LP (Japan press)


Measure 7" - pink marble

The Skatalites

The Skatalite (Treasure Isle original)
Best of the Skatalite LP (Treasure Isle original with blue silk-screened sleeve)
Jump Jamaica Way LP (ND original)
Ska Au-Go-Go LP (ND original)
Ska-Boo-Da-Ba LP (Top Deck original)

The Slackers

The Question 2xLP - color vinyl, sold during the 2013 holiday tour

Sub Pop/Various

I am always interested, particularly in rare variants and colors of vinyl.  If you have one that is not mentioned on this site, I will probably be interested in some capacity.


OMG tour cassette

Tiger Trap/Henry's Dress

The Astronautical Music Festival 7" (Slumberland) - Pete Townshend sleeve


Jump Jamaica Way LP (ND original)
Ska Au-Go-Go LP (ND original)
Ska-Boo-Da-Ba LP (Top Deck original)
The Thing that Ate Floyd 2xLP - light blue marble vinyl
The Thing that Ate Floyd 2xLP - red vinyl

Want List - Test Pressings

The Afghan Whigs

Gentlemen LP - Sub Pop SP238 test pressing
Black Love LP - Sub Pop SP363 test pressing

The Fluid

The Fluid/Nirvana Split 7" - SP97 test pressing
Madhouse 7" - Glitterhouse test pressing
Punch N Judy LP - RayOn test pressing
Roadmouth LP - Sub Pop SP36 test pressing
Glue LP - Sub Pop SP64 test pressing
Purplemetalflakemusic LP - Hollywood test pressing

Love Battery

Out of Focus 12" test pressing
Dayglo LP test pressing
Snipe Hunt 7" test pressing


Bill 7" - Sub Pop SP 141 test pressing


The Pink Album LP (Teenbeat) - test pressing

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