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The Twilight Singers

DIW #64

The Twilight Singers - Wicked b/w The American Analog Set - Hard To Find (Reprise) / Jeff Hanson - Now We Know

DIW #64, came with DIW Magazine 5.3, released October 2003

This has been a difficult find since it came out, but, strangely, has not yet really increased in value.  I can't figure this out.  You needed a subscription to the magazine to receive it and the 7" with it...and you couldn't just subscribe at the last minute and receive that issue (I tried).'s not very expensive.  Maybe it's because the track on here, "Wicked," was later released on the Amber Headlights album.  Still, I feel as though a spike is coming.  We shall see.  Limited to 777 hand-numbered copies, all on black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
DIW #64 Black 15-20
DIW Magazine 5.3
Sleeve Paper foldover
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