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Screaming Trees


Epic E 64178, released 1996

Epic 84178-1, released 1996

Epic/Sony 483980-1, released 1996

Screaming Trees' last album, Dust, really left a lot to be desired.  The first single that they released from Dust, "All I Know," was quite good, but I can really do without most of the rest of it.  It had the feel of a band knowing the end was near and mailing in the performance.  But that's just my opinion.  Many people like it a lot.  Black vinyl.  I don't know how many versions of this there were worldwide.  The E 64178 version is most common, but I have heard of two others.  I am told the 84178-1 version has labels like the ones found on the Dutch pressings of Sweet Oblivion and the Nearly Lost You 12".  This may or may not be the same version as the one with the 483980-1 catalogue number.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
E 64178 Black 25-35 1 Stable
84178-1 Black 25-35 1 Stable
483980-1 Black 25-35 1 Stable
Credits Giordano: Details about the 84178-1 version.
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