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Screaming Trees

Other Worlds EP

Velvetone CS, released 1984

SST 105, released 1988

The first Screaming Trees release was their 1984 demo, initially released exclusively as a cassette on Velvetone Records (from what I am told, this was limited to 1000 copies).  Insanely difficult to find.  It was later reissued by SST Records as SST 105 in 1988.  The SST version had a completely different sleeve design.  Many copies are on green vinyl.  In fact, the black vinyl version seems to be the rarer one.  The color versions of Other Worlds and Buzz Factory are much easier to find than those of Invisible Lantern or Even If and Especially When, which leads me to believe there were many more of those two pressed.

Version Approximate value ($)
Velvetone CS (1000) 100-150
SST 105 Green 18-20
SST 105 Black 20-30
Velvetone Cassette
Velvetone Cassette Insert
Test Pressing
Test Pressing Insert
Test Pressing Black vinyl, Rainbo Records labels
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