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The Pietasters - Singles

The Ska-rumptious 7"

Slug Tone! Records, released 1992

The Pietasters' first single is a very tough find.  I am still trying to work out the details of this one, even after all of these years.  All of the copies I had seen for many years were on yellow vinyl, and the sleeves were stamped and numbered out of 300.  Simple, right?  No.  There are actually a good deal more of these on the market that are not numbered.  There must have been a second pressing at some point, but I have no idea when that might have been.  In addition to the yellow vinyl, there is a version on dark red vinyl.  In my experience, the yellow and red copies are more or less equally rare, but all numbered copies I have seen have been yellow.  However, I have also seen non-numbered yellow copies.

And then...there's the black one.  The first (and, to date, only) time I have seen a black vinyl version of this record was when one was auctioned in 2010.  It is very, very scarce.  So, there you go...300 numbered on yellow vinyl with stamped, numbered sleeves, and some others on yellow, dark red, and black with non-numbered sleeves.  The songs that appear on this singles are different versions from those found on the first Pietasters album.  However, these versions are available on the 1992-1996 3xCD.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Slug Tone! Yellow (no'd) 25-30 Up
Slug Tone! Yellow (not no'd) 15-20 Stable
Slug Tone! Dark Red 20-25 Up
Slug Tone! Black 30-40 Up
Sleeve Foldover Paper Sleeve

Soul Sammich

Slug Tone! Records ST-05 7", released 1994

It actually took me considerably longer to track this one down than it took for me to find the Tasters' first single (though I have subsequently come across a couple of other copies).  This is a fun single.  The material from this single later appeared on the Comply CD.  However, the back of the sleeve says "Material from the Second Coming of the Pietasters full length album set for release fall of 94." I find this supports the theory that Comply was planned for a much earlier release date than its eventual 1996 debut.  Black vinyl on Slug Tone (though Moon Records' info can also be found on the back of the sleeve).

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Slug Tone! ST-05 Black 20-25 Stable
Sleeve Full Paper Sleeve

Crazy Monkey Lady b/w Ocean 7"

Moon Ska MR075, released 1996

The Pietasters' Moon Ska single is one of the more expensive entries in the clear vinyl series.  Both of these songs appeared on the band's "Willis" album, but that one came out after the band jumped ship from Moon to Hellcat.  The versions of the two tracks on this single are earlier versions than the ones that were eventually released on "Willis."  These versions were, however, also released elsewhere.  They came out on the Comply CD.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
MR075 Clear 20-30 Up
Sleeve Thick-Stock White Paper Sleeve

Out All Night

Hellcat Records 0409-7A 7", released 1998

Out All Night was the Pietasters' most commercially successful moment.  This song received a decent amount of radio airplay in 1998.  The single was a European release on a (mostly) uniquely-colored slab o' wax (it is on the same cloudy white vinyl as Hepcat's No Worries EP).  It used to be very easy to find (and remained that way for several years), but has become more scarce as time has gone on.  It is still attainable if you put your mind to it, but is becoming slightly more expensive. 

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Hellcat 0409-7A White 12-15 Up
Sleeve Full Thick-stock Paper Sleeve
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