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Burning London: The Clash Tribute

Epic EK 69106 CD, released 1999 (U.S.)

Epic 494043 2 CD, released 1999 (Europe, Australia)

Epic ESCA 7322 CD, released 1999 (Japan)

Contains the Afghan Whigs song "Lost in the Supermarket"

The Whigs' treatment of this Clash classic is nothing short of brilliant.  They cover "Lost in the Supermarket" in their way, but don't stop there...they also sample the beat from "Train in Vain" and blend the lyrics of that song seamlessly into Ben E. King's "Stand by Me" at the end of the recording.  The Japanese version contains a couple of (non-Whigs) bonus tracks.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Epic EK 69106 (U.S.) 5 Stable
Epic 494043 2 (Europe, Australia) 5 Stable
Epic ESCA 7322 (Japan) 10-15 Stable

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